KTV Sport Today Biss Key and Frequency

KTV Sport Today Biss Key and Frequency New Today Latest Transponder Here Update New TP Transponder 2019

Kuwait Sport HD
( KTV Sport HD)
Badr @26°East
Tp: 12523 H 27500
(Mpeg4/HD FTA)

#BissKey KTV 1
EutelSat.33 33.0E
FREQ: 11673 V 27500
MPEG4/HD/FTA Started

KTV Sport Today Biss Key and Frequency
KTV Sport Today Biss Key and Frequency

Kuwait Television began broadcasting on November 15th 1961,from the eastern district of Kuwait City. It was only the second TV station on the Arabian peninsula (after Iraq TV), initially broadcasting in black and white for four hours a day. started colour television using the PAL system in March 1974, for the first ever round of the Gulf Cup of Nations, from Bahrain.

Early broadcasters included Salem Al-Fahd, Reza Faili and Jassim Al-Shehab.

KTV Sport began broadcasting in November 1, 1993. Initially chaired by Mohammed Al Zamel, this channel was considered at the time to be the leading sports channel in the Persian Gulf region. It was originally a local sports channel, but in 2002 KTV Sport replaced their ground transmission with satellite transmission, enabling them to broadcast international sporting events as well.

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