Bol News Network Frequency Changed

Bol News Network Frequency Changed

Bol Network Complete Information

Satellite Name  
Paksat1R 38E

Old Frequency(oFF)

New Frequency(Working) 

Dish size
5/6 Feet

BOL Network is a Pakistani Urdu Channel. Bol Network was under the protection of the phony certificate factory Axact. The media gathering should consolidate TV, advanced media, film and theater just as computerized media, yet when the parent organization of Bol, Axact, was exposed as a recognition plant selling counterfeit degrees Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority denied the permit that it had granted BOL, and the system was not in any case ready to begin transmission. Pakistani writer Kamran Khan was selected as the editorial manager in boss, yet he quit after the Axact embarrassment surfaced and expressed that his soul did not give him a chance to be associated with such a system. 

Bol has propelled its live standard transmission on 25 December 2016. 

Beginning Start 

The BOL Network was begun by Pakistani agent, Shoaib Ahmed Shaikh on June 2013, and as indicated by him, it was intended to make a free media house to depict a delicate picture of Pakistan and a few striking writers joined the system around then. 

Bol TV professes to be on the Centrist/Left of Center of the political range yet with a solid professional patriot standpoint. 

It professes to have offered protection of up to Rs. 10 million to link operators. In 2014, BOL Network publicized on in excess of 20,000 open vehicle vehicles in Pakistan. The organization likewise reported a TV brand by the name of BG. 

Media staff 

During the early periods of Bol, numerous conspicuous media staff joined the system. These included Nabeel Zafar, Zeba Shehnaz and Haider Imam Rizvi who joined the excitement channel. Kamran Khan, Mubasher Lucman, Jasmeen Manzoor and Iftikhar Ahmed were supposedly a piece of the Bol News channel. Anyway, every one of them surrendered once the Axact embarrassment exposed the organization as a trick and a fake. 

Areas and foundation 

The head office is situated in Karachi and called Bolistan The system's territorial central command in the areas are in Lahore and Islamabad. BOL Network additionally worked their very own DSNG vans and when the parent organization, Axact, was struck by FBR regarding counterfeit degrees and tax evasion, Bol Network utilized its DSNG vans to make a blockade and keep writers from drawing close to the structure. At the point when the Axact outrage became visible solid sources educated the Federal Board regarding Revenue that the majority of the gear utilized by Bol system had been imported wrongfully. A notice was served to the CEO under Section 26 of the Customs Act 1969 and he was requested to submit verification that the gear being utilized had been imported utilizing lawful methods.
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